PhD Positivity

PhD Positivity is a collaborative project to help PhD candidates stay positive.

The purpose of this project is to amplify the voices of PhD candidates; their experiences and their strategies for positivity. There are countless wonderful resources to help you with all kinds of aspects of your PhD; your writing, your methods, your productivity, finishing on time… But this collaborative project is about your wellbeing, and aims to help you remain positive.  But how? By connecting and sharing advice with each other.

The PhD process is known to be a challenging time. But it can also be a time for great personal growthMental illness is on the rise in Academia, and there is a culture of acceptance around these issues, particularly for PhD’s. One of the ways PhD candidates can begin to tackle these issues is to not suffer in silence, but instead, connect with other PhD candidates and researchers to learn from them.

And so, the idea for sharing tips on how to stay positive during your PhD was born. And what better platform than twitter to share our messages?

We will be tweeting daily quotes of encouragement from PhD students, past & present. Sometimes we might conduct twitter polls, and sometimes we might tweet prompts so you can share a specific part of your experience. We will also sometimes share links to information you might find useful.

If you would like to contribute to the ‘daily quote’, please head over to PhDpositivity on twitter, and DM us your contribution. We can credit you, or you can remain anonymous.

Thank you for being involved.